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Travel the World From the Comfort of Home

While Australia continues to restrict travel and keep the borders closed many people have had to alter or reschedule their holiday plans. Millions of people find that travelling is a wonderful way to escape the everyday stresses of life and work however, traditional travelling has not been possible in recent months. Can we travel without actually going anywhere?

Here are a few ways to experience new destinations from the comfort of home.

Online Travel

It turns out that we can still get great travel experience by using the computer. There are online tours available for almost every major attraction and landmark in the world. Many of the tours offer 360-degree views which can help to make the viewer feel present. The Louvre in France offers a number of virtual tours where guests can admire the exhibition rooms and galleries. TheBlu is a truly incredible experience where the use of virtual reality allows you to have an immersive experience exploring the wonders of the ocean. Many people are surprised to discover these beautiful online experiences. If vacation has been derailed do a quick google search of the attractions you’d hoped to visit and you may be pleasantly surprised to find that you can still explore your destinations from home.

Video Games

Video games can offer players amazing worlds and you don’t have to be an expert to enjoy yourself. There are games that allow you to choose between exploring real cities, outer space, or even wonderfully imaginative fantasy lands. Referred to by some as “gaming tourism” these video games offer players the opportunity to explore beautiful locations and immerse themselves into something very new and refreshing.

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality is considered by many to be the absolute best way to travel the world from home. Everest VR is a virtual reality studio that offers a series of first-person challenges as you move towards the peak. It can feel incredibly real and offer extraordinary views. Virtual reality is allowing people to do things that they have never imagined possible. There are sites that allow you to play immersive virtual games or swim with blue whales and jellyfish. In Mars 2030 you can drive a Mars Rover over the rocky landscape. While the cost of the VR headsets can be quite pricey the quality of the technology has been improving.

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