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Tech Tools Improving Remote Work

Now more than ever before, businesses are operating remotely. Prior to the outbreak of coronavirus, people were interested in positions that allowed them to have flexible schedules and perform work outside of the office. As the world continues responding to the virus there is not an industry that isn’t affected by the new need to perform work at home. The technology that has become available in recent years offers a plethora of solutions for people getting their work down from home.

Here are a few of the technologies that are helping to increase productivity and enhance communication.

G Suite

While it seems fairly obvious, Google offers a full suite of tools and many people do not take full advantage of the options available. The collection of apps and services through Google helps businesses to collaborate regardless of where everyone is located. The access is reliable and work can be streamlined.

Google Drive allows files to be stored securely and let remote workers create, share and store spreadsheets, presentations, and documents. There is even an option for weekly metric reporting. The Drive is great because files are synced across devices and can be viewed or edited by anyone on the team, anywhere in the world.

Zoom, Slack, and Skype

Over the past few months, people around the world have become accustomed to Zoom. Providing the free flow of information and feedback is critical to maintaining engagement amongst the remote workforce and this video conferencing app makes connecting with each other incredibly easy.

Slack and Skype are also group messaging apps and can be used as an alternative to never-ending email chains. Slack allows its users to create channels and can be customized so that you can choose to get alerts strictly from the conversations that are relevant to you. These apps offer great options to turn off notifications when you’re too busy or set notices for time periods where you’ll be unable to respond.

Teamwork and Basecamp

These software services allow remote employees to manage their tasks in the same place. There are tools to track activity, make-to-do-lists, and keep deadlines met. The technology also allows users to communicate with their peers without having to log in to a different platform. There are built-in calendars and team collaboration is made easy.

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