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The Different Types Of Pastors

Glenn Duker

· Glenn Duker,Religion

Becoming a pastor within one’s church is an act of service. It is an office identified in the list of the five-fold ministries of the church. Pastors are not only crucial in helping to spread the word of God, but they also provide guidance in the Christian community within one - and sometimes many - churches. To understand the role of a pastor, it is helpful to learn more about some of the attributes of pastors. 

What Is A Pastor?

A pastor is defined as a spiritual leader or teacher within a church’s congregation in its most basic terms. Their role is to guide the flock adn to care for them.. There are a number of different attributes that pastors are likely to possess.


The first type of pastor that is commonly seen is the teacher. It is likely, not surprising that pastors who pursue this style are passionate about teaching others in some capacity. These types of pastors will not only be a major voice within one’s church, but they will also be interested in teaching about the bible in a quiet, instructive way. 


Some pastors who are teachers can also be evangelists but there will usually be one more dominant feature. An evangelist is also an office of the five fold ministry of the church. An evangelist is a preacher and avid promoter of the gospel who concentrates on the salvation of many.


Pastors will counsel people from the Bible. While a counselor will still be involved in teaching others about the need for salvation, their focus is more on helping current members of the church. Counselors are commonly known for helping those who are seeking counseling or need increased guidance. This is an important role, as these types of pastroting can help people in hard times to see the trial they are going through as God sees it.


Another common aspect of being pastor is being involved in missionary work. Missionaries typically plan and oversee church missionary programs and help bring more awareness to the work of the church. Jesus said, “the harvest is plentiful but the labourers are few”. Missionary work can take time but is an essential part of spreading the gospel. A pastor can assist in that but also establishing sound doctrine in these international works.

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