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Is Your Child Ready To Be Baptized

Glenn Duker

· Glenn Duker,Pastor,Christianity,Religion

Baptism is an important subject that is probably discussed often in lots of peoples’ homes. As the children in religious homes get older, they will start to pay more attention to what they are learning regarding religion and begin to ask important questions about things like baptism. Children that go to church on a regular basis every week will have the opportunity to see others come forward and be baptized in Christ, which offers a chance for these children to have discussions about baptism, faith, Christianity, and the word of God. 

Though it can be hard to get children to want to attend church services, it is very important for children and families to be in church. It is important because even when we think those little ears are not paying attention, children are hearing and digesting everything that is taught in church. 

Church services also offer children the opportunity to see others share their blessings from God and realize how amazing He truly is. Even after church service is over, the car ride home offers families time to go over the lessons learned in church. These discussions can also continue at bedtime in a more intimate and comfortable setting.

Eventually, children will ask about baptism and want to learn more about being baptized and what it means. When that happens, it is time to teach the children so they can better understand what happens during the next step of salvation. Books offer a great tool for helping children understand more about baptism. 

Since the decision to be baptized is such an important and personal one, it is important for children to never feel as if they have been pressured into taking this huge step. It is important for children to lead the way regarding when they feel ready to be baptized so that they can always look back on their baptism as a positive experience that was completely their choice. It is even important for children to choose who they would like to invite to their baptism. There is no perfect age for a child to be baptized. Baptism is a simple plan for God’s salvation, and there is no reason for any child or their parents to feel any negative feelings about baptism.

Often, children will receive the Holy Spirit, with the evidence of speaking in tongues, before water baptism. This is perfectly fine. It is quite consistent with scripture for a child (or an adult!) to receive the Holy Spirit with before or after water baptism.


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