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Winter Holiday Destinations in Australia

Australia is often synonymous with hot weather and summertime fun, but this vast country and continent is also a great place to go during the winter. The winter season here occurs opposite the Northern Hemisphere’s summer, and there are many great cities, towns and resorts in Australia that are perfect for a winter retreat. Here are some of the top winter holiday destinations in Australia for tourists and locals alike.

Mount Hotham

Known for being the powder capital of Australia, Mount Hotham is one of the best places in Australia to hit the slopes and enjoy some quality skiing. This mountain is arguably the most popular of all the Victorian Alps and is home to the world-famous Hotham Alpine Resort. In addition to downhill skiing, visitors can explore the cross-country skiing trails for a quintessential winter wonderland experience.


This resort is open 365 days a year for both winter and summertime fun. The resort boasts Australia’s longest ski runs and offers equipment rentals to people who don’t have their own gear. Skiers and snowboarders of all levels are known to hit the runs regularly. Season passes can also be purchased by guests who plan to be in Australia throughout much of the winter.

Red Centre

Stars in the sky are often easier to see in the winter, and Australia’s Red Centre is an ideal location for stargazing. The iconic sandstone rock formation known as Ayer’s Rock (or Uluru) can be found in the region and looks particularly striking against the night starlit sky. This section of Australia is also known for its awe-inspiring desert landscapes and Aboriginal cultural influences.

The Gold Coast

People who want to escape the cold and enjoy some warm weather and sunshine during the winter can head to this stretch of paradise in Queensland. The Gold Coast’s subtropical climate means that the region receives around 300 days of sunshine each year. A sprawling oceanfront here offers gorgeous views of the Pacific Ocean. SeaWorld, Dreamworld and other theme parks can also be found here.

A holiday in Australia can be perfect any season, however, the winter is a particularly good time of year to enjoy taking a trip with the family. From powdery snow to fun in the sun, Australia features many things that can keep people entertained during the winter.

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