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Simple Mistakes Made in Tennis

Glenn Duker

Tennis is a very strategic and challenging sport. It is a very nuanced game, and there are many ways to make simple mistakes without even thinking about it. Even the best players sometimes experience these mistakes, and if these incidents continue, it can lead to even more errors that can be easily avoided. Below we will discuss a few of the most simple mistakes made in tennis and how to avoid them, as featured in an article on Play Your Court.

Attempting to hit winners while behind the baseline

If you are behind the baseline, the best thing to do is to stay within the rally. You want to wait for a short ball to be aggressive. Attempting to hit a winner from the back of the court leaves a lot of room for simple errors that could have been avoided if you waited to try those actions until you were closer. Shots also tend to be less effective when you are far, so it is much more efficient to wait for an appropriate short ball.

Keeping the same pace from your first serve throughout the match

One of the essential aspects of tennis is mixing up the types of serves and the pace of your serves throughout the entire match. You want to include different serves while also rotating the serves between slices, flat serves and kicks. You keep your opponent on their toes by doing this, and they never quite know what is coming next. This offers you more control over your service points and directing the game the way you want it to go. 

Hitting balls into the net

Although this one is a no-brainer, it happens all the time. Being too anxious to hit the ball can decrease your chances of getting it over the net as the hit does not have much control behind it. This is a definite point blocker so try to avoid this at all costs.

Swinging on high floating volleys

These balls should be played the same way you would play any other volley. These volleys provide you with the opportunity of setting yourself up in a favourable position regardless of how hard you can hit the ball. By intelligently playing these volleys, you remain in control and avoid giving away easy points to your opponents. 

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