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How Can You Focus More on Your Faith?

Our lives are busy and full of distractions from which we find comfort in God. Only he can give us the peace that we need. The world is chaotic, making it difficult to focus on our faith. When we are riddled with anxiety, it might seem He is not present at all. This is a lie—God is always willing to offer us a hand. 

We should learn to listen to Him in the midst of the chaos. Here are some ways to focus on our faith in the most difficult times.

Seek His Presence in the Morning

When the day begins, and your home is still quiet, find a sunny place and spend some time with the Lord. Listen for His voice as you prepare to face the day. Thank Him for the gift of a new morning; tell Him your concerns regarding the day ahead of you. Seek guidance if you are grappling with a problem.

Some people use devotionals and prayer journals to strengthen their faith. If you think this might also help you, use this time to write in a journal.

Minimize Noise

Our society has become loud and full of distractions. Silence is no longer treated as the treasure that it is. Some people leave the television on for the sake of having noise. How can you hear His voice if it is muffled by the radio?

In order to hear Him:

  1. Learn to use these devices in moderation.
  2. Set aside a time of the day for television and radio.
  3. Don't let these things consume your peace; the voice of God is more important than worldly forms of entertainment.

Pray Without Ceasing

In order to strengthen your faith, it's important to be in constant prayer. This can be difficult if you're busy. When you can't find a moment for silence, talk to God as you go about your tasks. By keeping a habit of constant prayer, you'll strengthen your faith and feel His presence, even in difficult times.

It is sometimes difficult to focus on our faith, but nothing is impossible with God. Follow these steps and learn to remain in communication with Him.

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