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Travelling Off the Beaten Path in Australia

Australia is home to some of the most magnificent destinations in the world. While it’s understandable that most tourists want to include places such as the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Great Barrier Reef on their itineraries, there are many places off the beaten path that deserve more attention.

If you’re planning a trip to the Land Down Under, consider taking the time to visit a few places that are lesser-known.

Karijini National Park

Located in Western Australia the Karijini National Park is breathtaking. There is something for everyone here. The park has beautiful walking trails, huge gorges, and various swimming holes. Don’t worry about crocodiles, fresh or saltwater, because the park is far enough South and inland that you won’t find any. The trails that the park offers vary in difficulty, with a few class 6 treks that are off-limits to anyone without proper climbing equipment. There is a plethora of class 5 and under trails for visitors looking for less strenuous hikes. If it sounds like a place you’d like to experience then plan to stay a few days because the park is very remote, with the closet towns a few hours away.

River Red Gum National Park

River Red Gum National Park is in New South Wales, near the Victorian border. You can mountain bike through the canopies of huge trees and kayak on the Murrumbidgee River. Koalas and kangaroos run freely throughout the park so make sure to have your camera ready. The park even offers visitors free camping which is a pleasant bonus.

Gibb River Road

The road runs through Western Australia in the Kimberly region. It’s a wonderful opportunity to rent a vehicle and experience an Australian 4 wheel drive road trip. The area is one of the last wilderness frontiers. There are loads of places to camp and explore. You can’t walk for long without coming across waterfalls, gorges, bushlands, and savannahs. There aren’t usually many people around, but keep your eye out for the freshwater crocodiles that call the area home.


Tasmania is a destination that should be on everyone’s bucket lists. The summer months are peak season here so if you’d like to visit when it’s quieter, wait until autumn. Tasmania is known for the fertility of its land so make sure that you dine out or stop at a fresh produce stand while in the area. There are beautiful beaches, historical buildings and vast wilderness areas to explore and hike. Tasmania is also home to Australia’s second-oldest city, Hobart.

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