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The Best Australian Road Trips

Glenn Duker

The continent of Australia is a land full of fascinating geography and multicultural enrichment. For travelers, a trip to the land down under can sometimes be limited to one of Aussieland’s main cities due to the desolation and wilderness that compose most of the continents massive interior. Thankfully, travelers have worked out a wide array of scenic road trips to provide the best Australian experience.

For sheer adventure, the most extensive visual survey of Australia is the roughly six month’s long road trip, The Big Lap. This gigantic undertaking encompasses over 3,900 miles of terrain via Highway One. It takes travelers from the warm coastal cities that circle the continent, all the way to the dry red deserts that fill the interior. For a shorter trip, the Nullabor takes in the southern Australian coast along the Eyre highway.

The iconic red desert landscapes of Australia are only one aspect of the continents geographic diversity. The Great Ocean Road in the territory of Victoria takes in the most alluring aspects of the nations Southern Coast from Torquay to Allansford. The Twelve Apostles landmark with their luminous limestone stacks is included in this trip. It is easy to forget about the island of Tasmania off the mainland’s Southern Coast, which can compliment a southern tour with a road trip from Launceston to Hobart.

Few attractions within Australia are as necessary to experience as that of the Great Barrier Reef. Located off the east coast of Queensland, the Cairns to Cape York road trip takes in Aboriginal rock art and ends at Cape York, the entry point to the reef. For travelers starting in Sydney and yearning to tour the Australian coast, the Sydney to Jervis Bay road trip includes a drive through the Royal National Park and the stunning Sea Cliff Bridge.

From the lushness of the coasts to the arid, red beauty of the interior, the Red Center Way in the Northern Territory offers an exhilarating way to tour inland Australia. This is the quintessential Outback adventure with stops in Uluru for the beauty of Ayers Rock and the rugged cliffs of Kings Canyon. This road trip encompasses the heart of Australia in all of its enormous splendor.

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