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Tennis Books to Inspire You and Improve Your Game

Tennis Books to Inspire You and Improve Your Game

Tennis offers a plethora of benefits to those that play it. The sport is great for maintaining one’s health, fitness, and agility but there are also social aspects of the sport. Tennis is a game that can be played as a social activity, whether with friends or at a club. It can increase a player’s ability to handle stress as the sport is known for not just its physical challenge, but also an emotional one.

Whether you’re a seasoned tennis player or a beginner there are loads of great books written by players and fanatics about the sport. Try one of these titles to help you get inspired and gain insight into the world of tennis.

Open: An Autobiography by Andre Agassi

This memoir tells the remarkable story of Andre Agassi, a tennis player with a celebrated career. Agassi played professionally from 1986 to 2006 and won eight Grand Slam singles championships during that time. Throughout the book, Agassi describes his life beginning with his father who coached him to be a champion at an early age. By the age of 22, Agassi had already achieved massive amounts of success and wealth, however, in his memoir he reflects on that time of his life and the unhappiness and confusion that took place. In the memoir, he discloses his marriage to Brooke Shields and explains candidly, how he came to be a devoted philanthropist.

Winning Ugly by Brad Gilbert and Steve Jamison

Brad Gilbert is an Olympic gold medalist and an ESPN analyst. In the book, he provides readers with tips and strategies from famous players such as Novak Djokovic, Serena Wiliams, Roger Federer, and more. Winning Ugly can help you to master your mentality when you play tennis and teach you how to outplay opponents.

The Inner Game of Tennis by W. Timothy Gallwey

This book was first published thirty years ago, however, copies are still sold all over the world, and for good reason! The Inner Game is not just for tennis players, any athlete can improve their performance by reading it. W. Timothy Gallwey provides techniques to help players improve their game by learning how to reach the state of “relaxed concentration” and focusing the mind to overcome any distractions or nervousness. The author’s voice is engaging and there are loads of examples and anecdotes to help readers succeed.

The Outsider by Jimmy Connors

The Outsider is more than just a story about tennis. Connors gives readers an account of his life, including complicated relationships with family and personal battles with gambling. Jimmy Connor is known for his aggressive style of playing. He was outspoken and defiant, but his dedication to his craft made him a fan favourite. In 1991 he reached the semifinals of the U.S. Open at 39 years old, competing against players who were half his age. After retiring Connors stayed out of the public view, however in this memoir he comes back with as much ferocity as he played with.

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