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Psychological Benefits of Playing Sports

Glenn Duker

· Glenn Duker,Sports,Health,Psychology,Australia

Sports are a physical activity, so it is obvious that there are many physical benefits mentioned in my previous article. Along with the physical aspects, playing a sport can affect you psychologically. Your mental health could be improved in many ways while participating in a sport.

Positive Attitude

When you play a sport, it can give you a positive outlook to your life. It can help refresh your mind and provide a new outlook on your life. It doesn’t just affect your positivity but can enhance the team’s attitude and bring players closer together.


Playing a sport can boost your self-esteem in many ways. Once you start improving your skills in a particular sport, one can start to feel optimistic about themselves. With the obvious physical elements involved in playing a sport, it can also boost your self-esteem in your appearance. Your body will become toned and healthier which will enhance your feeling of pride.

Stress Reliever

If you are having a rough week at work or nervous about an upcoming life events, playing a sport can relieve the stress you are feeling. Activity, in general, can melt the stress away. Sports require focus and can get your mind off anything that may be bothering you. Depending on what sport you are playing, you can also channel your stress into kicking a soccer ball hard or working on a new boxing combinations. Those sports lend a physical release due since you may not be able to punch what is stressing you out but you can at least get your frustrations out on a punching bag.


Though there are many sports where teams are not required, there are also competitors. No matter what sport you decide to play, you will meet new people and create new bonds with them. Joining a club team or competitions can socialize you with people you may not have expected to know outside of the sport. It can allow you to create relationships you may not have been able to have before.

With the physical and psychological benefits of playing a sport, it’s hard to see why more people don’t get involved in their free time. It doesn’t have to be a formal club team. Get a few people to have a pick-up soccer game in the backyard every other weekend. Find a way to add sports into your life and you will reap the benefits!

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