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Packing Tips For An Australian Winter Trip

Glenn Duker

· Glenn Duker,Australia,Travel

You have decided to take a vacation to Australian during the winter season. Even though the country has tropical areas, cold weather is seasonal in certain parts of Australia. It is time to make a list of essentials to pack for the trip.


A hat is necessary for warmth and protection. If you are skiing, a beanie will protect your ears as well as keeping the rest of your head warm. A brimmed hat will protect from the sun and rain on the warmer days. You should pack shoes that are comfortable and will hold up to hiking and sightseeing. Know what activities you plan to do beforehand so you can pack the proper boots and shoes. Along with your shoes, you want to make sure you bring the proper socks to keep your feet comfortable. Pack wool socks for the days you plan to hike, snowboard, or ski and your regular everyday socks.

When packing your tops and pants, think of dressing in layers. It is better to be able to remove clothing to stay comfortable in varying climates and temperatures. You will need a warm jacket that can fit on top of your other layers.. When considering what type to take, it will benefit you if the jacket is waterproof and windproof.

Thermals are recommended if you will be doing winter hiking or spending time on the slopes. These contribute to your layered clothing plan. Pack an outfit or two for occasions that require a dressier presentation. Don't limit your opportunities by not bringing proper clothing. Mix and match combos will help to keep the packing at a minimum.

Personal Items

Sunscreen is always a good idea along with an aloe vera salve chaser. The last thing you want is to miss out on adventures due to the pain of sunburn. Make sure you bring essential medications and over-the-counter medicines. Certain activities could leave you sore and if you aren’t prepared with ibuprofen, you could be in pain for part of your trip. Pack a waterproof camera and all the chargers your devices will need. Being able to share your adventure when you return home is a part of the fun of the trip!

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