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Most Popular Travel Destinations in Australia

Glenn Duker

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Australia is a big country, and it would be very difficult to see all of its sights during one vacation. Travelers who are planning trip to Australia may want to visit places that are considered some of the country's most popular destinations.

Australia's vast cities offer a variety of things to do. Sydney is north of the Gold Coast. The Australian National Maritime Museum and the Royal Botanic Garden Sydney are two of this city's attractions. Visitors can see a panoramic view of the city from the Sydney Harbour Bridge or the Sydney Tower observation deck.

Melbourne is southwest of Sydney on Australia's southern coast. Scienceworks, the Hellenic Museum and the National Sports Museum are some of the museums here. The National Gallery of Victoria is one of Melbourne's art museums, and the city also has a number of art galleries. If you want to immerse yourself in the culture of down under, these museums are the place to go during your visit.

Australia's variety of geographical features provides visitors with plenty of outdoor activities. The Great Barrier Reef, which is located off the country's northeast coast, has places where visitors can go snorkeling and scuba diving. Discovering the open waters and gorgeous reefs and marine life is a rewarding experience.

People who want to spend time at the beach will enjoy the Gold Coast on the country's east side. Travelers who want to swim in calm water will appreciate the sheltered beaches near the city of Coolangatta. The waves at Nobby Beach near the town of Mermaid Beach make it a popular hangout for surfers. They also offer charter boats are available for people who want to go fishing, sailing or whale watching.

The Blue Mountains are northwest of Sydney. Visitors can explore the mountains on bicycle or horseback. The mountains also have a number of hiking trails. Hikers who climb to the Three Sisters rock formation will be able to see the Jamison Valley and the mountains surrounding it. Breathtaking views and a scenic journey definitely make these mountains worth a visit.

Visitors will see a variety of stunning scenery in the Australian Outback. Litchfield National Park in northern Australia has waterfalls, monsoon forests and creeks. Tired hikers can cool off with a refreshing swim in one of the park's pools.

The scenery in other parts of the Outback is quite different. The desert in Australia's Red Centre has red soil. Daring visitors can ride camels along trails in the area. The Red Centre can also be explored by hiking, mountain biking or horseback riding. Travelers can also get the opportunity to see native animals and plants when they visit Alice Springs Desert Park.

While planning your next trip to Australia, think about what adventures you want to experience most. If you want hiking trails and activity the mountains and parks are the way to go. If you want more of a cultural experience, checking out the museums and city life would be the right choice for you. Take time to plan out your trip so you can do as much as possible during your visit! You wouldn’t want to miss any of the great experiences Australia has to offer.

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