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Making Tennis a Family Game

Glenn Duker

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Tennis is an enjoyable sport that can be played at any age. Children can start at a young age and parents can continue playing in their older age. Getting your family involved in tennis doesn’t even necessarily mean they have to play the game. Watching tennis together can provide a strong bond between the family as well.

Watching Tennis Together

A good way to get the whole family into the sport of tennis is by watching tennis together. Whether it is the Australian Open, Wimbledon, U.S. Open, or going to a local match, you and your family could make it an event. Getting your children excited about watching tennis can lead to discussing the matches before and afterward and can even lead to more conversations about the next matches to come. To try to get younger children interested, make the viewing of the matches fun by serving their favorite foods.

Playing Tennis Together

The great thing about tennis is you can play doubles and singles matches! Your family can split up into teams and play matches against each other. You can split up and have a parent and child on each team or challenge your children by playing parents vs. children. You get to have fun competitiveness between your family and can also work together to develop skills. You can also do a singles competition where each family member plays against each other and the two with the best record then play in a “championship” match. Creative games can make tennis with family fun and interesting.

Supporting Each Other at Matches

Maybe everyone in the family does not want to play the sport but that doesn’t mean it should stop them from showing support to the members that do play. Making sure the whole family attends each other’s matches is an important way to show support. It can make the athlete competing feel motivated. Then giving praise and constructive criticism after the match can help the player set goals for the next match.

There are so many family opportunities when it comes to tennis. Deciding which one fits best for your family dynamic could give you a new tradition that brings everyone closer. Many family members like the Williams sisters, the Murray brothers, and Safin siblings have made careers out of tennis.

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