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How to Stay Fit While Traveling

Glenn Duker

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Going on vacation is a great way to reduce stress and relax. But it is also a way that can knock you off track of maintaining your healthy lifestyle. Many people have the misconception that a vacation can be counted as a “cheat day” because your normal routine and eating habits are not available to you. This is not true. Though you should enjoy your time on vacation, you can also stick to healthy eating habits and exercise.

Healthy Breakfast

You want to start your day right because it will lead to how the rest of your day will turn out. You want to fuel your body to be able to explore your new destination. Stock up on protein at the beginning of the day and it can help maintain your energy throughout the day.

Drink Water

Depending on where you are staying on vacation, you may not have access to a kitchen. When ordering out, it is more tempting to order a soda with your meal. Order water instead. You will stay hydrated and also spend less money. I recommend bringing a long a refillable water bottle as well.

Take the Stairs

If your hotel has the option of an elevator or the stairs, take the stairs. You will be working your legs and glutes at least twice a day going up and down from your room. It is also a great cardio workout. Take the time to do up and downs on the stairs to keep your heart pumping.

Walk When You Can

If you are exploration your travel destination, walk to as many places as possible. Not only will you burn some calories, you can explore your surroundings by walking. It is much easier to change course on foot than if you would need to stop your vehicle and decide what is next.

You Don’t Need a Gym

There are plenty of strengthening and cardio exercises that can be done outside the gym. Going for a run along the beach, do wall sits in the room, or even bring your own weights on your trip. I don’t recommend bringing weights if you are flying to your destination unless you are planning on packing very light otherwise.

There are many unique ways to stick to your fit lifestyle even when you are taking a break. It is a vacation and you should find time to relax but you don’t want to stress about the fact that you gained 5 pounds while doing it.

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