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How to Help Australian Wildlife

How to Help Australian Wildlife

Fires in Australia have been burning since September. Recently, rainfall in Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria have helped to lessen the hundreds of bushfires. It can be extremely difficult to witness the destruction that has taken place in such a beautiful country, however the crisis has also brought out some of the best parts of humanity.

The generosity of people from all over the world has been astounding. Everyone wants to know how to help and is offering anything and everything that they can. As thousands of families have lost their homes and fled for their lives there have been thousands of families across the globe, reaching out with messages of hope and offers of support. Communities have been coming together and the compassion and sacrifices of people have been truly beautiful.

Australia’s wildlife has also been affected by the devastating fires. There are global efforts taking place to help the animals who are affected. Donations are helping organizations to deliver medical supplies and make food drops, however, there are also plans to assist in the long term needs of wildlife. Areas that were stricken by the bushfires will need to be restored so that vegetation can regrow and the wildlife can gain their habitats and food sources back.

Here are ways to help Australia’s wildlife.

Support Rescue and Rehabilitation

Rescue teams will face the hardest part of their mission in the weeks to come. This will require sustained support that stretches beyond this initial period of crisis. There are a number of organizations that are distributing funds and providing direct assistance on the ground. Consider making a donation or volunteering with Wildlife Victoria, WIRES, Fauna Rescue, or the Wildlife Preservation Society of Queensland.

Provide Water for Wildlife

Providing water for birds and other wildlife is a small but meaningful way to help make a difference. Leave water bowls out or even create a small water station if you can and make sure to keep them full for the next couple of months. It’s important to know that small animals who are desperate for water can sometimes fall into containers of water and drown, however it can be simply avoided by placing stones or a brick in the water container.

Donate to a Wildlife Care

Wildlife rehabilitators have been helping to provide treatment and care to all sorts of injured species during the past few months. Many of these individuals have been doing so even though their own shelters or homes have been in the path of the destruction. Wildlife carers have been helping burned and injured animals, making food drops to surviving wildlife, and doing everything in their power to help alleviate the suffering. If you’re able to seriously consider making a donation to these selfless individuals. There is a list of wildlife shelters and carers on the website Backyard Buddies.

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