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Things to During Summer in Australia

Glenn Duker

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November marks the end of Springtime and the beginning of Summer in Australia. In such a large country it’s easy to become disoriented while travelling and overwhelmed when deciding which adventures and attractions to take part in. One thing is certain, Australia offers something for everyone, no matter what their interests are.

In the North, November to April mark the wet season, which involves high humidity and heavy rains. Many tourism destinations, including a few national parks, are closed due to the risk of flooding. This time of year is also considered “stinger season” on the Great Barrier Reef, so anyone planning on diving or snorkelling should practice extra safe swimming habits.

Ideally, it’s the Southern parts of Australia that offer great weather and inspiring experiences. The summer is a popular time to travel for both local and international families so make sure to plan ahead. There are beautiful beaches to surf, swim, and relax. At Christmas time you can attend a beach barbecue and in Sydney, the famous New Year’s Eve fireworks are displayed over the harbour.

Here is a list of five ways to indulge your adventurer spirit on your next holiday to Australia!

Visit Softfoot Alpaca Farm and Marsupial Sanctuary
This family-owned farm is a great place to take the family. The Sanctuary gives visitors the opportunity to get close to alpacas and tour a world-class conservation breeding facility for the endangered marsupials of Australia. The 650-acre property offers beautiful views which you can explore on a UTV. There are also eco-art workshops and barbeques held weekly.

Whisper Across the Barossa Reservoir
The Barossa Reservoir was built between the years 1899 and 1902. It was considered a radical innovation at the time because of the thin arch on the retaining wall of the dam, curved against the pressure of the water. The dam has a parabola effect that allows a voice to be heard clearly, from the other side which is over 140 metres away. The unusual acoustics are what gives the dam the title “Whispering Wall” and makes it a popular tourist destination. While in the area there are a plethora of wineries and hiking tours to stop off at.

Scale the Sydney Harbour Bridge
Easily, one of the most popular things to do while in Sydney is climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge. BridgeClimb Sydney first opened in `1998 and has received over 3.5 million people to this day. There are astounding views of the city, including the Sydney Opera House.

Watch the World’s Smallest Penguins Parade
At Phillip Island, South of Melbourne there is a Little Penguin parade held every day. Visit the Phillip Island Nature Park and you can watch as the smallest penguins in the world come out of the ocean and walk up the beach to their sand burrows in the evening. Tourists can watch the parade from an elevated platform built for viewing this adorable sight.

Visit One of the Many Beautiful Beaches
Australia is famous for its amazing coastlines. Among the New South Wales Coast there are a plethora of beautiful beaches. Among the hundreds of beaches that stretch from Sydney to the Victorian border there are ample opportunities to partake in swimming, surfing, fishing, kayaking, and relaxing.

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