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Why So Many International Students Choose to Study in Australia

Glenn Duker

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Around the world, there are many people who think of koalas, wide-open space, and sandy beaches when someone mentions Australia. However, the country also has a high standard of living and a great education system to go along with it’s friendly, laid-back nature. Currently, Australia is the third most popular destination for international students.

There are endless things to take into consideration while deciding where to study abroad. Australia provides those looking to experience a different country with a plethora of reasons to choose The Down Under.

For one, Australia is home to five of the “50 Best Universities of the World” according to the QS World University Rankings. As of 2017 more than 80,000 international students have decided to study here. In comparison to other countries it’s much easier to get a Visa approved for study in Australia. There are requirements, of course. Things such as a Confirmation of Enrollment in a course at an Australia University is the biggest, followed by proof that you have financial resources to pay for the cost of living, departure, and study, and finally, you’ll need the appropriate insurances. There are a large number of people whose job it is to help international students with the visa process so make sure to seek the proper resources while attaining a visa.

Aside from the global recognition that Australian schools garner, there are many other reasons why so many international students choose Australia to study abroad. While the standard of living here is one of the highest in the world, tuition and living expenses are much lower in Australia than in the United Kingdom and the United States. International students here are able to work part-time while they attend a school which helps to offset living costs. There are also loads of scholarships to help with the cost of studying abroad.

Unlike other countries, international students are allowed to work up to 20 hours a week while acquiring an Australian education. This not only allows students to make a living, but it also gives them the opportunity to gain experience in their field of interest.

Furthermore, Australia manages to provide students with a very diverse educational system. It’s easy for students to find a school and field that is right for them. International students first need to choose a degree program and then research which university can most help them meet their specific needs. There are also English language training programs and vocational education available to international students. Australia’s education system allows students to increase their qualification levels with clarity and easily move between institutions.

Perhaps the greatest aspect of Australia for international students is the fact that the country is at the forefront of innovation and new technology. International students have a great number of resources and state of the art technology to help them along in furthering their education. Australia puts a huge emphasis on scientific research, making it a fantastic choice for ambitious and forward-thinking students from all around the world.

In other countries it can be difficult to get permission to work after completing studies. If, after graduation, students in Australia decide not to return to their home country, there are applications for a Temporary Graduate Visa. This affords students the ability to work in Australia for 12 months or more after graduation. If international students do decide to return home after finishing their degree, prospective employees will view the applicant as someone that can handle adversity in an unknown environment and thrive when challenged.

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