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Benefits of Children Playing Tennis

Glenn Duker

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Tennis is a lifetime sport. That being the case, children who play tennis when they’re young are likely to play it their entire lives. Having a hobby that takes kids away from school and social stresses is arguably the biggest benefit. However, that's only the beginning. Below are several other benefits.


As you already know, today’s generation loves technology. Many parents use technology as a babysitter, which leads to lack of communication and laziness. When kids play tennis, they’re moving. They’re also getting the heart rates up, which releases endorphins into the bloodstream. This, in turn, improves a person’s mood. When people exercise, their confidence increases, and nothing is more important to a child than having confidence. It’s the basis for everything, including education and socialization.

Lateral Movements

Tennis is different than any other sport in the sense that you constantly move laterally. This leads to a tennis player engaging muscles that are rarely engaged. This builds and tones those muscles. If someone starts playing tennis at a young age, these muscles will continue to grow, which is going to be a benefit in other sports in the future.


Most kids play tennis play somewhere that doesn’t relate to their school. If they're 12 years old or younger, there isn’t likely to be a tennis team at their school. Instead, most kids play tennis in a league in their city, in a league in a neighboring city, or they're coached somewhere privately. Whatever the case may be, this is going to lead to those kids making new friends.

It’s also highly unlikely that all other participants go to the same school. Even if they do, it’s just as unlikely that your child is already friends with everyone in the league/session. Therefore, this is a way for your child to form new bonds and make new friends. Additionally, this is important for the future because it can lead to networking opportunities down the road.

If you put all of that together, tennis leads to a child relieving stress, getting more exercise, increasing their confidence in education and socialization, improving their lateral movements, and making new friends. Whether they win or lose a match, just playing tennis is a win.

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