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3 of The Best TED Talks on Leadership

3 of The Best TED Talks on Leadership

Not every manager is a leader and not every leader is actually in a management position. It takes time and dedication to become someone who motivates and inspires those around them. A great leader is someone who creates an environment of respect, collaboration, and success by influencing others to perform at their absolute best.

Developing leadership skills can be a struggle at times, however, cultivating the right skills and mindset is something to aspire to. A business that has a confident and trustworthy leader can set itself apart from other companies. Furthermore, every business is different so it’s important to have a strong understanding of the people on your team.

If you’re looking for ways to build your skills or inspire others to strive for more, here are a few of the best TED Talks on leadership to watch.

Everyday Leadership” by Drew Dudley

Drew Dudley is the Leadership Development Coordinator at the University of Toronto. He spoke at a TEDx event about using the values of leadership in everyday life. To put leadership in to play every day takes consistent action that fosters communication and connection within your organization. When everyone is working together towards a shared vision it is much more likely that the goal will be reached.

Listen, Learn, Then Lead” by Stanley McChrystal

Staley McChrystal is a four-star general and former commander of U.S. and International forces and operations. He is known for fusing intelligence and operations together revolutionizing warfare. During his TedTalk, he argues that for effective leadership the plan must only be constructed after everyone involved has been heard. McChrystal explains that when there is clear communication and understanding a group of people can be brought together with the same shared goal in mind. When everyone is on the same page then everyone becomes more motivated to work towards achieving the team’s purpose.

Dare to Disagree” by Margaret Heffernan

Heffernan is an entrepreneur and former chief executive officer of more than four businesses. She’s written five books exploring effective leadership and business so her TedTalk is full of knowledgeable insight. Heffernan begins her speech with a story about a doctor in the 1950s who discovered the danger of x-raying pregnant women. At the time the doctor’s findings were not agreed upon by the medical establishment. Heffernan continues her talk by explaining how the doctor persisted even in the face of opposition and why it’s so important to stick to your convictions. The talk explains why creating constructive conflicts in organizations can actually engage debates and help companies to create innovative strategies and solutions. The possibility of these outcomes are possible through open-mindedness, diversity, and being a leader that ensures your team feels comfortable speaking up.

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